About Us


Albany citizens council is a health and fitness based membership club based in California.

We help those looking for a change in their life – whether that’s getting fit or eating clean.

Our membership plans will get you weekly classes at any of our participating gyms along with bi-weekly Skype video calls, progress meetings and more. Get in touch for more information.

Many of us want to be fit, healthy, happy – but often the journey to achieve such results can be intimidating, challenging and almost impossible. Our health/fitness membership clubs were designed to combat this struggle. We help you live a happier life by getting you fitter and healthier – one step at a time.

Our club hangouts and gym sessions are always tailored around your specific goals – so you’ll never feel out of place or left out. We know how intimidating it can be to go to the gym on your own – and this is where we come in.

To join our club, please send us a message by clicking here. Someone from our team will be in touch very shortly to discuss your goals and how exactly we can help.